Are Neon Swan leggings see-through? Are they thick enough to wear as pants?

Our leggings are made out of a smooth, medium-weight fabric that’s flattering and skimming. They’re all opaque (much more so than tights, etc), but the lighter the leggings, the more likely you might see darker underwear peeping through. Overall, we think you’ll feel totally covered and comfortable even without wearing a longer shirt or tunic.


I have thick legs or curvy hips. Will they fit me?

With 18% Spandex involved, our leggings have a four-way stretch that is very accommodating even on the curviest of legs and figures.


Will these give me a muffin top?

Everyone’s bodies are different, but we’ve actually found our leggings to be some of the most flattering in the muffin top area for two reasons:

  1. The waistband itself is a generous 1.5” tall, but better yet, the actual sewn seam is at the bottom of the waistband. This means the top of the waistband that sits against your skin is just a tiny bit looser and less likely to “cut in” thanks to this foldover design.
  2. On most customers, the waistband hits at a very flattering spot on your tummy (right below the belly button). We’ve had feedback that this minimizes the look of a “paunch” and we agree!


Do you have plus-sizes? How big do your plus sizes go? How forgiving are the sizes?

Our leggings currently come in sizes XS–XL. Check out our size guide to see if we carry your size.


Are they breathable? Can I work out in them?

Definitely! We love wearing our leggings to the gym. The fabric is breathable and the four-way stretch makes it easy to move and bend without restriction or fear of bagginess.


Can you dry Neon Swan leggings?

Hell to the yes! To keep your leggings looking and fitting like new, machine wash on cold cycle and tumble dry on low heat. That’s right, baby — you can wash AND dry our leggings unlike many of our high-maintenance competitors. (P.S. Just don’t bleach or iron!)


Will they shrink?

Our leggings are made out of a polyester/Spandex blend that isn’t prone to shrinkage. To be safe, we recommend always tumble drying on low heat.


Do you ever offer coupons or sales?

You know it. Head down to our website footer to sign up for our VIP club for exclusive coupon codes and to be the first to know about sale items.