why neon swan?

New to our site? Here’s a little background on us.

We started our company with one thing in mind: Unicorn leggings. If you’re in the legging scene, you’ll know we aren’t talking about mystical horse-like creatures. We’re talking about the illusive legging designs that you find in pop-up shops, only to miss your chance at owning them because there was only ONE for sale.

It’s exhausting attending every pop-up party at precisely 7pm (or whatever time they always start), just to try and snag a cool design. Seriously, ain’t no one got time for that, online or otherwise!

And thus, Neon Swan opened our online doors, for 24/7 ‘unicorn-grade’ leggings. And we promise, we’ll NEVER run out. (…or spam the sh!t out of your facebook!) 😉